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bf-driver-cropped1OUR PHILOSOPHY

We believe that Leo Fender & Freddy Tavares designed & built some of the greatest amplifiers of all time.  Their designs served as cornerstones; starting points for generations of amp builders such as Marshall, Mesa Boogie & Dumble to name just a few.

We believe that blackface Fender amplifiers represent a certain perfection.  They are living, breathing relics; a snapshot of American ingenuity during its golden age.  A piece of History.  We believe they sound best when they are restored as closely as possible to the original circuit that Leo & Freddy put in there.  Something special happens when you play your vintage Fender past “7” on the volume knob.  And something truly magical happens when you play your vintage Fender on “10”.

From the 6 watt Champ to the 100 watt Twin Reverb and featuring many different speaker configurations, there is a vintage Fener to perfectly suit your particular playing style and situation.  As a major bonus, most silverface Fenders can easily be converted to the blackface circuits of their older siblings (at a fraction of the cost)!



There are several UPGRADES & modifications that are easy to perform and can be of tremendous benefit to the discerning musician! These mods do not require any drilling and are easily reversible.

In Shop Repairs

Due to popular demand, we are now accepting vintage Fender amps SHIPPED TO US for repair, upgrade, blueprint or modification in shop!   Just send us your vintage Fender – we set it up & send it back!