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It is common practice for amp techs to replace all of the electrolytic capacitors in an amp every ten years or so.  These caps wear out & drift over time.  They can also dry up & malfunction (especially when left unused).  This can cause serious damage to your amplifier.  The filter caps literally store & filter the high voltage used by your amplifier. These caps perform two duties.

  • Good fresh filter caps help reduce hum and background noise.
  • They also keep your bottom end response tight.


Made in the USA!  These caps are top of the line replacements for vintage Fender amps.  Sprague Atoms have been the professional standard of high quality electrolytic capacitors for decades.  They’re big, they last a long time, their performance is top notch and Fender amps fitted with Sprague Atoms sound great.


German made F&T caps (Fischer & Tausche) have been making premium capacitors since the 1940’s.  We’ve discovered that – as far as power filters go –  these caps are “electronically superior” to the popular Sprague Atoms. 


These amps showed up in late 1977, and are considerably different from their 100W & 45W predecessors, with different transformers and power filtering requirements.  To see which model Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb or Super Reverb you have, look under the speaker output jack in the back.  If it says 135W or 70W,  you have an ultralinear model.

F&T Electrolytic Recap Kit. Actual contents of kit vary by model.

These kits use high quality F&T caps for the main power filters, bias caps, and Sprague Atoms for the cathode bypass caps in the preamp.