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Vintage Fender Amp Repair strongly respects the amazing tone of the original blackface circuit that can be coaxed out of any vintage blackface or silverface Fender amp.   We also discourage any drilling or other permanent modifications to your vintage Fender.

That said,there are several UPGRADES & modifications that are easy to perform and can be of tremendous benefit to the discerning musician! These mods do not require any drilling and are easily reversible in case someone wants to return the amp to “stock” condition.


For silverface Fenders.  This true blackface conversion hits on the many details most other BF mods overlook.

Provides thicker “tweed” tone for one channel, with more mid-range emphasis & earlier breakup.

This switch converts your bright switch to a “fat” boost, using Leo’s own design.  Includes an optional, toned down permanent bright cap as found in the Deluxe Reverb.

This FREE mod puts reverb & vibrato in both channels.  Besides the obvious advantages, this puts your two channels in phase – they can then be used at the same time for a gain boost.

Slows your vibrato to a much more sexy slow speed (fast stays fast).

This on/off switch cuts the vibrato out of the circuit completely for a noticeable gain boost.  Vibrato still functions as normal when engaged.  No drilling required!

Excellent master volume replacement.

Excellent master volume replacement.


Signal Cap Upgrades for silverface amps. Greatly enhance the tone, performance & sustain of your stock silverface Fender. NOT recommended for blackface amps with the original blue “molded” caps!!

Matched Power Tube Resistors helps balance your output stage – important for reducing phase cancellation

Preamp tube “bias” resistors these cathode resistors set the bias of your preamp tubes. When dialed in, they make a noticable difference in your preamp performance.

Premium Silverface Overhaul Kits!!


Your amp will sound & perform it’s absolute best and be good to go for years to come. Vintage silverface Fender amps, after the overhaul, rival many of the expensive boutique amps out there.

PLEASE DO NOT DRILL ANY HOLES in a Tweed, blonde, brown or blackface amp! This reduces the value of the amp significantly and diminishes the historical representation of these amazing amplifiers. Every year, there are fewer and fewer of these amps in the world.  It hurts to think about how many vintage Fenders were lost in these three natural disasters alone: Hurricane Katrina (how many tweeds were in New Orleans???), the Nashville 2010 flood , & the tsunami in Japan!  :(

This “no drill” philosophy also goes for silverface amps.  These are rapidly becoming more valuable, and any visual alterations will lower the value.  On the other hand; if you own a trashed, damaged or pre-drilled silverface amp, these make great platforms for circuit mods and experimentation.  Please use careful discretion and really think before you drill!! Don’t just go and  drill a hole in a beautiful silverface Fender just to see what a mod might sound like!!